Thursday, October 30, 2014

In the Beginning

Hey all! Welcome to my hobby blog Robotech: Total War! As you can see in the sidebar this blog will be mostly focused on my hobby experience with Robotech RPG Tactics. I've been waiting with bated breath for this game to come out and now it's finally here! It arrived today and I have yet to even open the box. My next post will be a brief overview of the contents etc. For now let me explain my plans for the future.

First, to set some background, my interest in Robotech began when I was a young child, sometime in the early 80's. I discovered this cartoon early in the morning, a half hour at a time. I introduced it to my friends and every morning we'd all get up to watch it, eat breakfast then head out to the park to meet and talk about that days episode! I dare say Robotech (and certainly Star Wars) pushed me in the direction of being a huge nerd. Later I would rediscover Robotech through the game of armored mech combat Battletech! I walked into a book and hobby store and saw that warhammer (in Robotech the Tomahawk) laying waste to some enemy off 'screen' and feel in love. We played battletech for years and all of the "unseen" mechs - the majority from Robotech were always my favorite. To this day the Warhammer/Tomahawk hold a special place in my heart, even above the beloved Valkyrie fighters. We played the RPG by Palladium a few times when I was younger but I moved onto other things. When I heard Palladium was doing a wargame I was instantly onboard! I'd had tentative plans to write my own Robotech based game because it's ripe with content suitable for battles on the tabletop. The kickstarter broke records and you could see there were tons of other gaming geeks out there just like me who wanted to relive the robotech battles on the tabletop. It's been a long wait, and I don't want to get into the controversy. I remained very patient and my attitude was based on two ideas. The first and foremost was that since I didn't have the product or part of the product in my hand, I had to wait, no sense in sweating it out. A variation of you can't miss what you don't have. Second, I'd rather they got it right or closer to right than wrong and so maintained a watchful eye. I have to admit recently I was beginning to get antsy but that was do more to excitement then dissatisfaction. moving forward I have big plans.

 In the past I've participated in putting together and running big spectacle type games at conventions. I'd really like to get to that point with Robotech - dozens of mechs per side, 6-10 players at a time just pushing around mechs and rolling dice and having a good time. I plan to do it right and will be working on some serious terrain as well as modelling the mecha and I plan to document all of that here.

 I'm working on my own contrived background, sort of an alternate reality. I'm basing my Robotech war here in Colorado where I live. We have Cheyenne Mountain which houses NORAD, several army bases and air force bases all which provide solid reference for units, paint schemes and anything else I might need. This means many of my paint jobs will differ from stock robotech, and that most if not all of the heroes in the game will be renamed in order to fit my own background. Anyway, I'll be tearing into the box here in a few minutes, I'll snap a few pictures and be posting again soon!

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