Sunday, November 9, 2014

Almost there!

I managed to get my guardian modes built this evening!

That's all nine built to match my fighter modes.  The kits themselves were easy to put together not a whole lot of parts, roughly 15 or so per mecha (not including extra ordinance).  Again there are multiple pieces that come in two parts that I can't find a rationale for.  The arms are small enough to be a single piece and even the legs aren't so thick that I could see it being an issue.  In fact, the torso could be one piece, cutting the whole kit down to less than 10 easy to assemble pieces.  They still went together quickly, each model only took me 25 to 30 minutes so not too bad.

Full disclosure here I'm not a fan of Guardian mode.  I can't figure out why you'd need it when you can go from fighter to battloid mode but we're stuck with it.  Aesthetically I think it just looks awkward but I'm sure some people like it, just not this guy!

One final note.  I switched to Plastruct Bondene for glue on these kits and now I wish I'd started out using it.  Not sure why I didn't.  It can be messy to use as it's water thin, and every time you need to glue something you have to unscrew it and then screw it back on unless you want to risk spilling it.  I think it's a much better glue because it melts the plastic and welds it together.  It's also easier to control then the bottle of model glue I was using.  It also takes longer to set so you can slide pieces around to make sure they line up properly.  It'll set firm enough to handle in a few minutes but won't completely set for a few hours.  If you apply enough of it you can press the pieces together and the melted plastic will fill the seam.

Tomorrow I start the Battloid mode.  It's the last nine models from my Battlecry I received.

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